Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is becoming an epidemic. Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is going to help prevent tooth decay, but there are different tips you may not be aware of. Tooth decay is not only bad for your oral health, but it can become quite expensive when it necessitates dental work.

Avoid Starting in the Same Place

When you go to brush your teeth, do you start from right to left or left to right? If you normally start on one side, try switching it up. For instance, in the morning start on one side, and then in the evening start from the opposite side. This method is going to help to give all of your mouth equal attention and prevent tooth decay from occurring.

Establish Your Technique

Brushing teeth and flossing should take time. It shouldn't be something that you should hurry along with. The dentist can help come up with a technique that is best for you. Everyone has a different oral health status, and there should be a specific technique when caring for your teeth.

Drink Water

Just like water being great for the body, it's also beneficial for the teeth. By drinking extra water daily, you're able to produce extra saliva to eliminate any bacteria from having a prolonged stay in the mouth. This will help to reduce the risk of rotting in the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Swish Coconut Oil

You may have heard of "oil pulling" and wondered what it was about. Oil pulling involves taking a teaspoon or tablespoon of coconut oil and swishing it around in your mouth. As you do this, the bacteria from your teeth and gums will get pulled out by the coconut oil. Try doing this for at least 10 minutes if you can. Some people do this once per day or even once per week. This is an efficient and all-natural way to keep the tooth decay away.

What Food Can Prevent Tooth Decay?

There are a variety of food sources that can prevent tooth decay. It's beneficial to get as many of these food sources in your diet as possible each day to have healthy teeth and prevent decay.

  • Nuts
  • Broccoli and other vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Brown Rice
  • Brown Pasta
  • Foods with magnesium, iron, and Vitamin B

Seeing your dentist, such as Joseph Craig, on a regular basis will help cut down on tooth decay. The cleaning that the dentist performs is a more extensive cleaning that you do at home. The dentist will be able to tell if the start of any cavity or tooth decay is starting to form. By following the tips and advice from a professional, you can keep a happy, healthy mouth.