Two Myths About Veneers Many Patients Believe

Your smile is one of the most important defining features of your appearance. Every day, there will be an almost countless number of people that will see you smile, and many will judge you based upon the way your smile looks. Sadly, there are many people that have less-than-ideal teeth, but veneers offer an effective and affordable way of correcting many of the most embarrassing cosmetic issues your mouth can encounter.

The Signs Your Tooth May Be Cracked

Typically, when a tooth cracks, it won't feel broken even though biting on it will hurt. So, you suddenly feel a sharp ache in your mouth when you chomp on a popcorn kernel or some other type of hard food. This scene is played out many times every day and it causes countless people to make emergency appointments with their dentist. It should be noted here that it isn't always hard foods that cause a tooth to crack; sometimes soft foods can be the cause if you come across an unexpectedly hard item like popcorn kernel.

Which Toothpaste Is The Right One?

With so many toothpaste choices in today's marketplace, it gets increasingly hard to choose the type that best suits your dental requirements. It used to be that one type suited all needs, but now there are brands for treating dry mouth, gum problems, and sensitive teeth, as well as those types for recalcifying enamel and for making the teeth whiter. Hence, there are options to suit all individual needs. The following are different types of toothpaste.

How To Avoid Needing A Root Canal

The root canal procedure is performed to treat tissue in the tooth that is infected or decaying. Sometimes, root canals are also needed to treat teeth that have been traumatized. Once a tooth has been fixed with a root canal procedure, no further treatment is needed in most cases. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid root canals. Practice Good Oral Hygiene The only way the pulp within a tooth can become infected is if the tooth's exterior enamel is cracked, chipped, or otherwise compromised.

Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is becoming an epidemic. Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is going to help prevent tooth decay, but there are different tips you may not be aware of. Tooth decay is not only bad for your oral health, but it can become quite expensive when it necessitates dental work. Avoid Starting in the Same Place When you go to brush your teeth, do you start from right to left or left to right?