Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Congenital Tooth Defects

If you were born with certain congenital defects, then your teeth may be misshapen, discolored, or even brittle as a result of certain genetic bone disorders. Your dentist can offer you a number of cosmetic dentistry options that suit both your dental needs and your financial situation. Here are some cosmetic dentistry options to consider if a congenital disorder has affected your teeth.  Porcelain or Resin Dental Veneers Dental veneers can conceal a number of tooth defects such as irregularly shaped teeth, stained teeth, and teeth that are too small.

Why You Should Consider Replacing Lost Molars With Dental Implants

One missing molar might not seem like a big issue, but you'll soon begin to notice the difference while you eat. The loss of a molar can have a big impact on the way you chew your food. And more than one missing molar can leave you feeling frustrated at mealtimes. But dental implants can replace a lost molar and your ability to chew your food. If you have lost a molar, consider replacing it as soon as possible with a dental implant.

Four Benefits Of Family Dentistry

Many people enjoy the convenience of a family doctor - one doctor that is able to address the needs of the parents as well as teenagers all the way down to toddlers or babies. When it comes to healthcare, convenience becomes a key factor in deciding where to take your family, and dental care is no different! Family dentistry provides families with the ability to see the same doctor that is skilled to handle anything thrown their way.