What Are Your Options For Dental Filling?

Do you need to have a cavity filled, but you're not sure what your options are for filling material? Here is what you need to know about the following materials so that you can make an informed decision. Direct Fillings and Indirect Fillings There are two categories of dental fillings, which are known and direct and indirect filings. A direct filling is made inside your mouth, while an indirect filling is made outside your mouth and attached to the tooth later.

Why Should You Get A Tooth Implant?

If you have a tooth that's missing, a tooth implant can help fill in the gap. Also known as a dental implant, a tooth implant is a metal post that's surgically implanted into the jawbone to act as a root to hold an artificial tooth in place along the gumline. These implants have helped revolutionize restorative dentistry, and getting one of these implants can improve your oral health and daily functioning.

4 Main Reasons Why Orthodontic Treatment Is Vital In Kids

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that helps patients correct their dental problems through the use of braces. Orthodontic treatment is not only for adults but can help kids with malocclusion issues as well. Orthodontics for children has become more and more popular today. Orthodontists offer a variety of treatments that can help kids with crooked teeth live healthier, happier lives. It helps them to achieve a better smile and be confident when they show it off.

Why Dental-Implant-Based Restorations Are Best For Replacing A Single Tooth

A dental-implant-based restoration is typically the best option to replace a single missing tooth. Here are a few reasons why: No Damage to Abutment Teeth A fixed bridge is another common treatment option for a missing tooth. However, the procedure necessitates the removal of tooth material from the healthy abutment teeth. The size of the abutment teeth must be reduced to allow the bridge crowns to be placed over them.

Why More Dentists Are Choosing Digitized X-Rays

Many dentists are moving away from traditional X-rays and are instead choosing digitized X-rays. This type of X-ray is often better able to determine how strong your teeth are and can help your dentist better diagnose what is wrong with your teeth. There are several reasons why it might be better to make an appointment with a dentist that uses digitized X-rays. Diagnosing Bad Teeth If your teeth are decayed or infected, a dentist will be able to determine whether you need a root canal and the best procedure to use.