On The Candidacy Requirements, Benefits, & Versatility Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are often regarded as a sort of last-resort option when it comes to dental care, but the truth of the matter is that implants are one of the most beneficial and aesthetically pleasing alternatives in all of cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, implants can be utilized on their own or in conjunction with others--several implants throughout the mouth--to support a number of dental procedures or replacement needs. This article outlines the overall criteria for implant candidates, the many benefits of dental implants, and their versatility in the field of dentistry.


Those who are considering dental implants should generally have good overall oral health, and be free from any periodontal disease. It is also encouraged that candidates be non-smokers, or that they at least have the fortitude to abstain from smoking immediately following the procedure. Finally, candidates need to have sufficient jawbone density to provide a foundation to which the implant can integrate. 

Why Implants Are Superior 

Not only are implants a more self-sufficient alternative compared to bridges, crowns or dentures, but they are also a much more long-term solution. When properly cared for, a single implant can last a patient's entire life, bone-density loss and oral health permitting, as can a set of implants throughout the mouth. Conversely, dentures and crowns may need to be replaced every ten or fifteen years. 

Implants are also unique in that they rely solely on the health of the jawbone for ongoing functionality. Prosthetics such as veneers and crowns are ultimately dependent on the health of the underlying tooth, which may or may not deteriorate over the years, depending on individual circumstances. If the underlying tooth begins to decay or wither, the crown attached to it will not only become structurally compromised, it will no longer serve its aesthetic purpose. 

Their Versatility

Dental implants serve as standalone solutions to missing or broken teeth, but they are often utilized in conjunction with other replacement systems. A single implant, for instance, might be used to secure a dental bridge into place, or dentists may attach multiple implants to provide a solid foundation for a bridge to house a number of prosthetic teeth. In fact, implants can even be used as a method of attachment for dentures. In all, they are one of the most useful tools a cosmetic dentist has at his disposal. 

Rather than shying away from dental implants, you would be wise to consider them the next time you are in need of aesthetic dentistry. Not only are they one of the safest and most beneficial kinds of prosthetic, they are without question one of the most versatile and may be just the thing you need go get your beautiful smile back.