Dental Work Aftercare For Your Child - Your Role As A Parent

If your child needs to have extensive dental work or oral surgery, helping them heal is an important part of the process. As the parent you need to make sure that your child is comfortable and can heal as easily as possible. Here are five things that you need to be sure to do for your child recovering from dental work.

1. Don't Push It

Dental work can sometimes have all of the same recovery needs as normal surgery. Let your child stay home from school if they seem spent from a procedure. Make sure that they follow all of the dentist's recovery steps even if your child seems back to normal quickly. Resting and relaxing is important for proper healing.

2. Monitor Your Child

Sometimes numbing agents can cause younger children to bite the inside of their mouth. Discourage this and try to have them rinse with salt water if there is irritation. If your child has gauze packing or stitches, be sure to monitor this. If there are any changes or symptoms such as bleeding or swelling call your family dentist right away.

3. Keep on Pain Medications

Even if your child is a fast healer and lets you know that they feel fine, have them keep on the pain medications that your dentist has prescribed. Medications can ease swelling and aid healing, so keep administering as prescribed. If your child is on antibiotics, it is especially important to keep your child on the entire cycle of medication.

4. Monitor Food Intake

It is up to you to make sure that your child only eats recommended foods while healing. If your child should be eating post-care soft foods such as soups and smoothies, make sure that you have a variety so that your child doesn't get bored. Your child may not understand the ramifications of ripping out stitches. If they are compelled to sneak food this might cause major damage.

5. Make It Special

Your child has gone through a stressful event and you need to remind them how proud you are of them. Get your child a treat or toy for being so brave. If ice cream is allowed, indulge your child while they are on the mend.

Being there for your child after surgery can make their healing process as quick and painless as possible. It is up to you to make sure that your child is following all of the aftercare recommendations made by the family dentist. Make sure to be supportive and calm and help your child mend.