Dispelling Two Myths About Periodontists

You mouth is a highly complicated part of your body, but many people will primarily focus on the condition of their teeth. While this is definitely an important part of your oral health, there are other aspects of your oral health that will also need to be managed. To this end, a periodontist can provide invaluable services for treating painful and progressive problems with the tissue that supports your teeth. Yet, you may not have needed these services in the past, which can lead you to assume a couple of common myths are true. 

Myth: Periodontists Only Treat The Gums

Gum disease is one of the more common issues that patients will encounter, and it can lead to major problems for the mouth. In addition to extreme pain, advanced gum disease can cause your teeth to fall out, and it should be no surprise that this is a common condition treated by periodontists. However, there are many more conditions that these professionals will treat. 

For example, your periodontist will also be responsible for the placement of any dental implants that you require, and they can help repair already damaged teeth through the use of root canals and root planing. 

Myth: Gum Disease Can Always Be Treated With Ointments And Antibiotics

When you start to develop gum disease, it is important for you to have it treated as soon as possible. This condition will progressively spread throughout your mouth, and it will work its way deeper into the delicate tissues of your mouth. Sadly, many people will delay seeking treatment for this condition because they may assume that it will always be easily treated with mouthwashes and antibiotics. 

Unfortunately, it is possible for gum disease to reach a point where it is no longer easily cured by these options. In fact, this condition can become severe enough to require the surgical removal of the infected tissue. To prevent permanently changing your appearance, your periodontist will also need to do a gum graft to replace the missing tissue and restore your natural gum line.

When you need the care of an experienced periodontist, it is important for you to understand the services and treatments that these professionals offer their patients. Unfortunately, many patients have a very limited understanding of this profession, and this can lead them to think some prevalent myths are accurate. By understanding the importance of having gum disease treated early and that periodontists care for many parts of the mouth outside of the gums, you can better understand what to expect from these services.

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