3 Reasons Your Gums May Be Bleeding

Many people think that having their gums bleed a little when they brush their teeth is no big deal. They tend to think that they just brushed a little too hard when they brushed and their gums don't hurt anyway, so what's the difference? If your gums are bleeding, it can be a big deal, even if your gums don't hurt when they are bleeding. In most cases, any blood is a bad thing. So, if brushing too hard isn't necessarily the reason that your gums are bleeding, what is the reason?

Poor Diet

Convenience foods, sodas, and candy are pretty quick and easy to grab and eat. The problem is that they tend to be full of empty calories and lack a lot of nutrients that your body really needs. The lack of those nutrients, such as magnesium or vitamin C, can cause your gums to bleed. One easy way to fix this is to make sure that you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and/or taking supplements. 


Being stressed isn't just wearing on your mental and emotional state, it also triggers all kinds of changes in your body. Your body gets flooded with cortisol, which can make you feel really wired and angry. Being overly stressed for a long period of time can cause your immune system to go a little crazy. Stress can also cause bleeding in your gums because the blood vessels can be inflamed. The blood vessels in your gums are close to the surface, so brushing can disturb them and cause bleeding. It can be hard to stop being stressed, but taking some time each day to try to catch your breath and get rid of some of that stress can really benefit you in a lot of ways. 


Some necessary medications can cause problems with your mouth. That can include things like dry or cotton mouth. The structures in your mouth aren't designed to be dry for a long period of time. Dry mouth, among other things, can cause a proliferation of plaque and cause your gums to be less able to fight off gum disease. Dry mouth also damages the gums on its own, causing them to bleed even at times other than when you have just brushed them. If your medication may be causing dry mouth, talk to your doctor, there are things that you can do that will help with that, including using special toothpaste and mouthwash. 

While gingivitis is the most common reason that your gums are bleeding, it isn't the only reason. If you have severe bleeding, you should always go to see your dentist, they can diagnose the problem and help you fix it as soon as possible. To learn more, speak with someone like Apollo Dental Center.