The Benefits Of Finding A Pediatric Dentist Who Offers Cosmetic Services

While your child's teeth are bound to go through a lot of changes while they are growing up, such as tiny and adorable gaps or missing baby teeth on occasion, there are some situations when your child's smile could use a little something more. This something more in dental care and attention may not always be provided by a traditional pediatric dentist. As a parent, there are a handful of benefits to consider regarding finding a pediatric dentist who also has cosmetic dentistry qualifications and service offerings for your child. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of finding a pediatric dentist who offers cosmetic procedures.

Dental Damage Repair 

It is true that cosmetic dentists usually focus on helping people have a smile that is aesthetically appealing, but repairing teeth usually goes far beyond just making improvements to the appearance of someone's smile. If your child has a damaged tooth due to a bicycle accident for example, a pediatric cosmetic dentist can help to repair the damaged tooth by adding a bridge or synthetic cap. Even if it is a baby tooth that your child should have had around for a while, if it is is knocked out prematurely, it can affect your child's speech development and even their self-esteem and should be replaced. 

Teeth Whitening 

Even though most parents may consider having their child's teeth whitened something that is important, it is actually very important if your child feels confident with their smile. Cosmetic dentists who work with children and teens often offer whitening services and techniques that do not involve chemical whitening agents. For example, microabrasion can be used to deep clean the surface enamel of the teeth in some spots to remove deep-set stains that are often caused by things like soda, tea, and acidic foods and drinks, which are common staples for especially teens. 

Aesthetically Appealing Filling Options

Cosmetic dentists usually take great care to ensure that when a cavity is filled, it blends right in with the rest of the teeth in your child's mouth. Even though any dentist can do fillings when a tooth has a cavity, they may not use the same filling materials as a cosmetic dentist who has specific focus on keeping the teeth looking good. Filling that is the same color as that of the tooth is preferred and unnoticeable compared to the dark-colored filler that is commonly used by other dentists.