4 Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

It is no fun when a person loses a tooth. Still, there are numerous options for replacing it. Here are four ways you can replace a missing tooth.

Removable Partial Denture

You can be really embarrassed when you're missing a front tooth. With a removable partial denture, you can replace one or more teeth. You can wear this during the day and then take them out at night. When you take the removable denture out, soak it in a cleaning solution. You may need to have metal clasps added to the denture for it to stay in your mouth. These clasps could be visible to others when you speak or smile during the day. This denture could also move slightly when you are eating or talking, which could become uncomfortable. However, an advantage is that you will not need to file down any of your teeth. The price is also very economical. You could use a removable denture to cover any missing teeth that you have.

Temporary Denture

This is more of a short term solution if you are missing a tooth. If your tooth is in the process of being restored soon with an implant or a bridge, and you are waiting for the area to heal, then this could be a great option. A temporary denture is similar to a removable partial denture but it doesn't cost as much or take up as much room in your mouth. Your surrounding teeth don't need to be altered either.


If you have teeth on both sides of the missing tooth, then a bridge could be a fine option. A bridge is fixed (cemented) in your mouth and does not get removed. Your surrounding teeth need to be cut down so they can be connected. It is recommended that you use a floss threader that slides under the bridge to keep it clean. Cutting down perfectly healthy teeth is a downside, but the upside is being able to have a full head of teeth.


A dental implant is a solution that can replace your tooth while looking natural. It also feels natural when you chew, brush, and smile. The implant is a replacement at the root of your missing tooth. It actually heals in your bone for many months. Then, an abutment is placed where the crown is later cemented. You do not need to alter any teeth when getting an implant. It is almost impossible to tell the final difference between the implant and a natural tooth.

A missing tooth can be frustrating. Luckily, there are options to replace it. The four methods above are proven and straightforward for a dentist like Neu Family Dental Center to perform.