2 Tips To Help Avoid Burning Mouth Syndrome While Wearing Dentures

Burning mouth syndrome can be caused by a number of factors including irritating dentures. Dentures place additional stress on the tissues and muscles in your mouth and this can cause your mouth to react in a negative way. Irritating dentures that are left unfixed can result in several oral health problems later on down the line. The burning sensation that burning mouth syndrome produces usually comes and goes on its own. It is often difficult to enjoy eating or talking when experiencing burning mouth syndrome. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to avoid burning mouth syndrome while wearing dentures.

Remove Your Dentures Before Going to Bed

Wearing your dentures while sleeping can not only lead to a bacterial infection, but it can also activate your burning mouth syndrome. Your dentures should be removed at night in order to give your mouth a break from the stresses of wearing the dentures. While you sleep, the muscles and tissue in your mouth will be able to recover and relax from any pressure that they have endured throughout the day. After removing your dentures, they should be soaked in an antibacterial rinse until morning time. The bacterial rinse will help to prevent you from transferring bacteria from your dentures to your mouth when you decide to reapply the dental device.

Drink Lavender Tea

Lavender is considered to be a natural relaxant. The herb is used topically in order to treat physical injuries. In addition, it can also be consumed in order to provide stress relief. Since the burning sensation is often caused by stressed muscles and tissue throughout your mouth, the lavender tea will help to relax and soothe these muscles. This will help to alleviate any discomfort you feel when wearing dentures and will prevent the burning mouth syndrome from flaring up. A lavender tea can be created by soaking the herb in a small pot of warm water. Allow the pot of water to boil, then let the herb steep in the pot for a few hours. Remove the lavender herb, add honey and drink the lavender tea throughout the day. This should help to prevent your burning mouth syndrome from flaring up throughout the day.

Dealing with burning mouth syndrome while wearing dentures can be painful and hard to prevent. Therefore, use these tips to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that your dentures may cause. Talk to a cosmetic dentistry specialist for more help.