Tips For Making Root Canal Discomfort No Big Deal After Surgery

Root canals are often essential for dental health in the long term. People are often highly afraid of the procedure because it's become notorious for pain. Still, modern advancements have made dealing with root canal pain much easier, even without taking pain killing medication. Here are a few examples for minimizing root canal pain.

Laser Root Canal Therapy

Half the reason why root canals are so painful for some people is because of all of the drilling. The fear of the drill can be as bad to some people as the pain itself in terms of psychological pain. Most laser systems use a combination of laser and high-pressure water.

This combination can completely clean out your canal without the need to drill if this is a major problem for you. The laser approach also tends to be much more exacting and precise than other methods. Your dentist can target the area much more specifically than he could using only a drill. This leads to fewer mistakes and fewer drilling outside of the area where it's required.

Another thing that can often cause discomfort for people is the clamp that needs to be put on your teeth in order to hold it for drilling. When you have the anesthetic going during the surgery, you often won't be able to feel anything except for pressure. But when it gets taken off after, some people report discomfort. Laser root canal therapy doesn't require the same setup.

Stick to the Antibiotics

Many people don't take antibiotics as faithfully as they should during the days after the surgery. This can cause pain as the bacteria in the area around the fresh would cause problems. However, if you take the antibiotics, this should keep the issues down to a minimum.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is supposed to help with root canal discomfort. The key is to combine a few drops of the liquid with water at about a lukewarm temperature. Then you can just swish it around in your mouth in order to lessen the pain a bit.

Other options for getting rid of discomfort from root canals include using olive oil, garlic juice, or even rinsing out with salt water, should you be interested in using all natural pain remedies. Fortunately, you have these other methods available as well. 

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