The Downsides To Having Fangs Permanently Placed On Your Teeth

If you consider yourself to be gothic and have thought about having fangs placed to cosmetically give you a permanent vampire-like appearance, you may try contacting a cosmetic dentist to alter your mouth with tooth enhancements. While cosmetic dentists have the capability to give you an edgy look using the same procedures used to fix chipped or broken teeth, there are some downsides to having fangs placed. Here are some of the reasons why opting for non-permanent fangs may be a better alternative than permanent ones.

Irritation To The Inside Of The Mouth

When you have your teeth altered so they have points, there is a risk to the interior of your mouth on a daily basis. The sharpened areas will pose a problem to the insides of your cheeks, your lower lip, and your tongue as you chew. This could cause an infection if the injured area is not treated right away.

Less Stability When Biting Or Chewing

It is a lot harder to eat when fangs are in place. The teeth will not be as strong, making them at risk for breakage if you bite into something hard or crunchy. Since fangs are longer than your other teeth, they are the first to rip into food, making them take the brunt of the force of each bite. This could lead to the tips becoming worn prematurely, making your fangs look less impressive than you wish.

Facial Structure Is Likely To Change

When you have fangs in your mouth, there is a chance you will become victim to a condition called malocclusion. This is a permanent overbite due to the way you hold your jaw to avoid injury from your teeth when trying to eat or talk. In time your speech and appearance would change from this condition. 

If you want to make a statement with sharp fangs, consider having non-permanent ones constructed to fit over your real teeth. Your dentist will be able to place composite filling material to the tips of your teeth when you desire a gothic look. These can then be removed the next day at the dentist's office. If you wish to wear fangs more often, there are several companies that sell fake teeth that adhere to your canines with putty. It is important to continue with good oral care after you remove them and save their usage for special events rather than daily wear.

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