Teen Have A Severe Overbite? They May Require Surgery

If you have a teen that has a severe overbite, they may require surgery to correct this problem. They can only have this surgery, however, after they completely stopped growing. Your child's orthodontist can help you choose the right age. Below is some information about this surgery, so you and your teen will know what to expect.


Your child will have to wear braces for a few months before they have surgery. Your child's jaws are misaligned, which means the other teeth will compensate by crowding and tilting. When this happens, their teeth will become crooked. The teeth need to be in the correct position before this surgery can be performed.

Your teen will likely be required to wear braces for a few months or even a couple of years after the surgery is over. To determine how long the oral surgeon and the orthodontist will work closely with each other throughout the entire process.

Orthognathic Surgery

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) will perform orthognathic surgery on your teen to correct their bite problem. This surgery is done in a hospital setting, and your child may be able to go home the next day, depending on the outcome of the surgery.

During this surgery, the oral surgeon will straighten and realign your teen's jaw using surgical templates or plates, wires, and screws.

The oral surgeon will suggest this surgery if your child has a severe bite along with problems with speaking and chewing their food. Due to the misaligned jaw, your child may even suffer from sleep apnea. Periodontal gum discomfort and pain in the jaw joint are also common.

After Care

Your child will have some swelling immediately after the surgery, and because of this their head will be elevated to minimize the swelling. At home, your child should prop the mattress at the head of their bed, or sleep in a recliner for the first few days.

Your teen may be required to wear a plastic splint after the surgery to help train their jaw muscles and balance their bite. This splint will be worn at all times except when your child is cleaning their teeth or eating. The surgeon will show them how to remove and put the split back on. Your child will likely have to wear the split for a few weeks.

The oral surgeon, such as Central PA Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons LLC, will go over these and more after care instructions with you and your teen