Three Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants can be an excellent choice for patients who need to replace missing teeth. However, it can be common for potential implant patients to fail to thoroughly consider this option due to a lack of information. In order to help you be an informed dental patient, you will need to have a thorough understanding about some of the more routinely asked questions that potential implant patients may want addressed.

What Problems Will a Dental Implant Correct or Prevent?

A dental implant will be more expensive than other options for restoring a missing tooth. However, it must be noted that an implant can provide important benefits that dental bridges and dentures will be able to match. In particular, a dental implant will provide critical support to the jaw bone. Without this support, the area where the missing tooth's root was located will start to wither away. Implants avoid this because they essentially act as an artificial root and help to support the jaw.

Why Will It Take Weeks or Months for the Procedure to Be Finished?

It can be common for patients to be leery of choosing to have a dental implant installed because this entire procedure may take several weeks or longer to complete. While this can be somewhat of an inconvenience, it is essential as the bones in the jaw will need time to bond to the implant. Fortunately, your dentist may be able to install a temporary crown to correct the cosmetic issues while the implant bonds.

How Often Will a Dental Implant Have to Be Replaced?

While a dental implant will have a higher initial cost and longer installation period, a dental implant will have the benefit of not needing to be regularly replaced. This is a stark contrast to bridges, as they will need to be replaced every few years. Typically, the implant itself will only need to be replaced if you suffer a mouth trauma that knocks it loose. Eventually, the crown may need to be replaced, but this is a simple procedure, as it is designed to be removed from the rest of the implant.

Choosing to have a dental implant installed to correct missing teeth can be among the better options for correcting this problem. Yet, many patients will not have the knowledge needed to be able to effectively weigh this option. By understanding the benefits that a dental implant can provide, the reason the installation will take so long, and the fact that the implant is permanent, you can better decide whether this is a suitable cosmetic procedure for your missing teeth.

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