Make Your Child's Root Canal Experience Less Stressful And More Comfortable Overall

If your child's tooth has decayed or become infected, the dentist may recommend a root canal to stop the problem in its tracks and ensure that no other teeth end of affected. But having a root canal isn't a fun experience whether you're a child or an adult, so some steps should be taken to make the procedure less stress and more comfortable for your little one. Here are a few things that can be done:

Visit the Facility Beforehand

Allowing your child to become familiar with the dentist who will be extracting their tooth will establish some trust and help make them feel safe and comfortable while under the doctor's care. Visiting the dental facility before root canal day will not only give your little one an opportunity to meet the dentist, but they'll also have a chance to become familiar with the tools that will be used during the actual procedure.

Ask the dentist to let your child see the x-ray machine and sit in the chair where they will have their tooth extracted. Have the dentist let them see and hold the specific tools that will be used so they aren't foreign when they're put in their mouth. The idea is for your little one to get accustomed to the sights, sounds, smells, and tools of the dentist's office so it isn't so scary when it comes time to be an official patient.

Borrow Some Books from the Library

Another engaging way to prepare your child for a trip to the dentist to have a root canal is to borrow some books from the library that will show them that dentists aren't as scary as they seem to be. There are several interesting books designed just for this purpose that may interest your child such as:

  • The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist – Follow sister bear as she has a baby tooth removed.
  • What to Expect When You Go to the Dentist – Angus the Answer Dog walks kids and parents through the experience of visiting a dentist for the first time.
  • Look! My Tooth is Loose! – Your little one will learn all about loose teeth and what it really entails to have a tooth pulled.

Spend a few minutes each night during the week leading up to root canal day reading your borrowed library books so your child is well prepared for the experience and everything they learn stays fresh in their mind.

Create Fun Memories on Extraction Day

To make sure that any unpleasant experiences that stem from the root canal itself isn't the main focus of the day, plan a day of fun things you can do together both before and after the procedure. Spend the morning adventuring through the local children's museum, and then share lunch at your little one's favorite fast food restaurant where they can play with other kids after eating. This should help drain excess energy and ensure that your child is in a good mood when it's time to have their tooth pulled.

After the procedure, your child will likely feel tired and experience some pain, so head home for a quiet evening of movies and ice cream. The movies will take their mind off the pain and give them more good memories to mix into the day, and the ice cream will help numb some of the pain so they feel more relaxed. When looking back on the day, the good memories should overshadow any bad ones that may have been experienced in the dentist's office.

You should be able to easily customize these tips and tricks to meet the personal needs of your child. Visit a site like for more information.