Three Options To Consider When Trying To Restore Your Smile After It Has Decayed Extensively

When you have not taken good care of your teeth for numerous years, there are long-term repercussions that you will have to face. Many people determine that they have numerous cavities and decay in their teeth that can be difficult to treat. If you are unsure what steps to take to get the beautiful smile that you want, consider meeting with a cosmetic dentist to discuss what your options are. The following guide walks you through a few of the possibilities you and the dentist may discuss.

Have All Decayed Areas Removed and Replaced Using a Flipper or Bridge

If some of your teeth are in very poor condition, the dentist may not be able to repair them. If this is the case, he or she may remove the decaying teeth and replace them with a bridge or even a flipper. A bridge will be more expensive than a flipper, but it will be fixed in your mouth so that you can feel secure when it is in at all times.

On the other hand, a flipper is a dental device that has fake teeth adhered to it and fits into your mouth securely with suction. The flipper is very inexpensive and is a great temporary option to consider when trying to figure out what to do to restore your smile.

Have Dentures Created

Dentures are a great way to restore your smile in an easy and effective way. There are partial dentures that can be made to replace a few teeth that need to be removed or full dentures that can replace all of your teeth. The partials will be the same color as your other teeth so that they are not obvious to the naked eye.

Have Dental Implants Put into Place

If you only need to have a few teeth removed, you may want to consider having dental implants put into your mouth. The dental implants are false teeth that are screwed onto posts that are implanted into your jaw. This process can be a bit painful and take quite a while to heal, but once the implants are in place, they will provide you with permanent results.

Be open-minded when you go to the dentist. He or she will know the ins and outs of dentistry and be able to help you understand why the options they are suggesting are the best for your particular situation. You want to be sure that you will be able to enjoy your smile now and for years to come.