How To Handle Veneers In The Middle Of Invisalign

Tooth alignment is a service that can months to years to accomplish. Depending on the structure of your current bite, you may need to switch alignment gear every few months in order to straighten your teeth or line up any gaps. If you are in the middle of accomplishing straight teeth with alignment services via retainers, you may not want to wait to get the rest of the look of your teeth in order. If you plan to get veneers in the middle of your tooth alignment, here are some things that you need to know. 

Stick with composite resin

When you get veneers you have the choice to go with composite resin veneers and porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are more expensive and they cover the tooth entirely in order to give you the type of smile you want instantly. Though this can be tempting, if you prefer to straighten your natural smile, you should choose composite resin veneers. This way the resin is bonded to your teeth and you can still continue with your tooth alignment as you were doing previously. 

Gaps can easily be closed

The since resin can be placed over the tooth, you will be able to easily close gaps in your mouth with the help of composite resin. If you have been having an issue with closing a gap or if there is a gap between your teeth due to their width, composite resin veneers can solve this issue completely. Have the composite veneers performed and make sure that the gap is closed satisfactorily. This way you can focus on the structural alignment issues rather than concentrating on closing one gap. 

You will need to get refitted immediately

Once you are cleaned for regular tooth usage, which may be within a few short days, you should get new retainers for your new teeth. Due to the new shape of your teeth, the old aligners may no longer fit. Prior to the fitting, have your dentist look over the veneers and provide their assessment. They may want to change your treatment utilize metal retainers at times, rather than the plastic mold retainers depending on your tooth shape. Your dentist may also suggest that you have a permanent metal retainer behind some teeth if they seem to be in excellent shape after the resin veneers. Have your dentist refit your mouth and create the new retainers that you will wear for the next few months to continue molding your perfect smile.