Dental Implants, Bridges, And Dentures: Tooth Replacement Options When You Have Missing Teeth

When you have missing teeth in your mouth, there are a number of ways your dentist can work to restore your smile. Whether you have one missing tooth and you are looking for a permanent replacement, or you need a full mouth of dentures because you no longer have teeth, it's time to talk with your dentist about your choices. If it is difficult for you to eat because you have missing teeth or you find yourself hiding your teeth when you smile, you can get a great-looking smile back through your dentist. Your dentist can use a bridge, create dentures, or use dental implants to restore your missing teeth.

How Dental Implants are Used

Dental implants are made out of a titanium rod and a porcelain crown. The implant is embedded into your jaw, and the crown is screwed into the top. Your dentist can put in the rod and wait a few months for it to embed into your jaw before putting on the crown, or can put both the rod and crown in your mouth at the same time. You can have an implant that looks like your natural teeth and doesn't need any special care. Implants can also be used for dentures to make them more secure.

Bridges to Restore Your Smile

If you aren't a good candidate for dental implants because you are a smoker or you suffer from gum disease, your dentist can still replace missing teeth by using a bridge. Whether you have one missing tooth or several in a row, a partial bridge can be created that is then secured into your mouth using nearby teeth and wire. Some people don't prefer this option because it can ruin your healthy teeth where the wire is attached.

If You Need Full Dentures

When you need full dentures and you want a secure fit, you can choose dentures that are secured into your mouth using dental implants. The dentures hook into the implants permanently placed in your jaw, and they can be taken out for cleaning. This allows you to have well-fitted dentures that don't require the use of dental adhesive in order to stay in place.

When you are missing teeth, you have some choices. Talk to your dentist if you want to restore your smile and you are looking for a permanent solution. Dental implants are a great option for people who do not smoke and have good oral health. For more information, contact dental clinics like Amato Dentistry.