Helpful Care Protocol To Follow In The First Couple Of Weeks Of Having Braces

Braces are an incredible solution to crooked teeth. Over time, they'll move your teeth into a straight position -- giving you a great smile. If you're having braces put on, you'll want to remember the following care protocol in the first couple of weeks. It will help you avoid a lot of issues. 

Monitor What You Eat

When braces are first put on, you can't just go out and eat whatever you want. Taking this approach could cause a lot of pain and even damage your braces. Then, you would have to go in for a costly follow-up. You can circumvent this problem by simply monitoring what you eat.

Especially in the first couple of days, you should really only be eating soft foods. Then, you won't have to worry about putting excessive pressure on your braces. Things like pasta, bread, shakes, soup, and yogurt are all great items you can consume. Then once your soreness dissipates, you can start eating other foods again.

Treat Soreness With Wax

When you first get braces put on, the brackets will cause soft parts inside your mouth irritation. This is perfectly normal and these tissues will eventually strengthen over time, but in the meantime, you can use the wax that you received from your dentist. 

This wax can be used to alleviate soreness and pain where brackets have been touching. Apply this wax to these soft structures any time the pain becomes too unbearable. If the pain continues, schedule an appointment with your dentist for additional treatment options. 

Thoroughly Clean After Each Meal

Where braces can be a bit problematic is when food particles get stack in the brackets after every meal. It's important that you don't leave them there, because if you do, bacteria could spread and a serious infection could also develop.

So that these issues don't happen, be sure to thoroughly clean your teeth after each meal. Be sure to brush your brackets, making sure no food particles are present after you're done. You should also consider using an oral irrigator, which is a device that sprays out water. It can help you get in between brackets with ease.

Having braces is a blessing because of what they can do for your smile. Having them on for an extended period of time will be easy too if you follow the right maintenance steps. Being proactive and keeping consistent routines go a long way. To learn more, contact a company like Poulson Orthodontics.