Why More Dentists Are Choosing Digitized X-Rays

Many dentists are moving away from traditional X-rays and are instead choosing digitized X-rays. This type of X-ray is often better able to determine how strong your teeth are and can help your dentist better diagnose what is wrong with your teeth. There are several reasons why it might be better to make an appointment with a dentist that uses digitized X-rays.

Diagnosing Bad Teeth

If your teeth are decayed or infected, a dentist will be able to determine whether you need a root canal and the best procedure to use. Because of the higher-quality images, your dentist will be better able to know what is wrong with your teeth. The images will be larger, for example. Digital technology can also make the images much sharper.

The image can be viewed immediately because the photo does not have to be developed. Also, because the records are digitized, they can be transferred more quickly to a specialist if necessary.


A digitized X-ray will allow your dentist to minimize the amount of radiation exposure. While some radiation exposure is safe, patients will want to reduce their overall lifetime exposure to radiation. 

Because you will be exposed to less radiation, you will be able to justify having an X-ray performed with each dental checkup. As a result, you will be able to identify issues such as diseased gums, wisdom teeth, and bone damage. By detecting these issues earlier, your dentist will be able to use early intervention methods that will be less expensive in the long run and will lead to a better outcome.

Better for the Environment Too

A digital X-ray is better for the environment because it uses an engineering mix that is better for the environment. This is due in part to how ordinary radiographs use silver halide. No chemicals are used to develop films created using digital X-rays just like with digital cameras.

The Process of Using a Digital X-Ray

With a digital X-ray, there is no preparation required, the dentist places a sensor in your mouth to assist in capturing high-quality images, and the process is faster. As a result, you will spend less time in the dentist's office.

Not All Dentists Use Digital X-Rays

A digital X-Ray is more expensive than using a traditional method. A dentist will also need to undergo specialized training to be able to use a digital X-ray. Therefore, you might want to consider the use of a digital X-ray when choosing your dentist.

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