Why Should You Get A Tooth Implant?

If you have a tooth that's missing, a tooth implant can help fill in the gap. Also known as a dental implant, a tooth implant is a metal post that's surgically implanted into the jawbone to act as a root to hold an artificial tooth in place along the gumline. These implants have helped revolutionize restorative dentistry, and getting one of these implants can improve your oral health and daily functioning. 

Eat with Greater Ease

Having missing teeth can make eating much more difficult. You likely won't be able to chew food as efficiently if any of your teeth are missing, and this can make eating favorite foods at home or while out with friends and family at restaurants much more cumbersome. Tooth implants make it possible to chew food into smaller pieces so that it can be swallowed with less difficulty.

Speak with More Clarity

You and others who are talking to you will likely notice an improvement in the way that you speak when a space with a missing tooth is filled in with the help of a tooth implant. You'll be able to pronounce words with less difficulty and may even correct any obvious speech impediments that were caused by your tooth loss.  

Improve Your Bite

If your bite is off because of any missing teeth, tooth implants can offer a great solution. These implants can help ensure that the upper and lower teeth are aligned properly when they touch each other, and this may prevent tooth damage that's often caused by a misaligned bite. Correcting your bite with one or more tooth implants may even reduce the number of mouth sores and headaches that you get.

Avoid Teeth Shifting

Gaps where teeth are missing can cause the neighboring teeth to shift out of place. Tooth implants can fill in the gaps to keep the teeth from shifting and may save you the trouble and expense of having to get braces or other types of straighteners to correct any crooked teeth.

Restore Your Beautiful Smile

If a missing tooth is causing you to smile less because you're feeling more self-conscious, you'll likely be eager to show off your radiant smile to everyone after you've received your tooth implant treatment. Great efforts are made to ensure that the artificial teeth that are attached to tooth implants look like natural teeth and don't feel awkward inside the mouth. Strangers who you encounter likely won't even notice that you have any artificial teeth with these implants.

You don't have to live permanently with an imperfect smile or other dental problems that are caused by missing teeth. Many people have experienced terrific results with tooth implants. A dentist can discuss this treatment with you in more specific detail to help you decide if this type of restorative dentistry is right for you.