Six Risks You Can Avoid If You Have A Damaged Tooth Replaced With A Dental Implant

Dental implants can give your dental health a better chance of flourishing in the future. You may face risks if you neglect to have a damaged tooth replaced with a dental implant. The following are six risks you can avoid if you have a damaged tooth replaced with a dental implant. 

Having cosmetic dental issues that detract from your confidence

Confidence is important in so many areas of your life. Feeling confident can help you to excel in your professional life. Confidence is, of course, also essential in social situations. Dental implants can easily correct cosmetic issues that are detracting from your confidence. Dental implants, therefore, help to make it so that a lack of confidence doesn't create problems for you or detract from your quality of life. 

Experiencing bone loss

Patients who have missing teeth are at risk of experiencing bone loss. Fortunately, dental implants can strengthen the jaw so that bone loss is less likely. Dental implants can even help to stimulate natural bone growth to fortify the bones of the jaw. 

Living with discomfort if you choose dentures

Dentures are widely considered to be less comfortable than many other tooth replacement options. Dentures can cause sores in the mouth and might make it difficult for patients to pronounce words properly. Dental implants can leave you less at risk of experiencing discomfort after you have a missing or damaged tooth replaced. 

Eating a poor diet because of discomfort when you eat

If you are missing teeth or living with damaged teeth that cause you pain, you might struggle to meet your nutritional needs in your everyday diet. With dental implants, you can eat any food you desire so you can easily eat a healthy diet. 

Struggling to speak properly because of missing teeth or dentures

Those who are missing teeth might be at risk of developing speech problems. It's harder for individuals to pronounce certain words properly if they're missing teeth. It's also harder for individuals who wear dentures to speak properly in many situations. 

Experiencing damage to adjacent teeth

Dental implants do more than merely replace missing teeth. Dental implants are also a great solution if you want to fortify the natural teeth that you have left. Missing teeth could put adjacent teeth at risk of cracking or decaying. With dental implants, you maximize the chances that your remaining natural teeth won't eventually need to be replaced as well. 

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