Treating Your Tooth Damage With A Porcelain Crown

Over the course of your life, one or more of your teeth may suffer extensive damage. When this dental damage occurs, you may need to undergo a variety of treatments in order to mitigate these problems. One example of this could be the use of porcelain crowns.

A Porcelain Crown Provides Both Cosmetic And Structural Benefits To The Tooth

When a tooth has suffered major structural damage, it might be necessary to apply a dental crown to it. One of these crowns will be able to protect the tooth by providing it with a protective shell that can reinforce it. Additionally, a porcelain crown will very closely resemble the color of your natural tooth. As a result, it will be far less noticeable to individuals that are looking at your smile. These two features can make porcelain one of the most popular options for crafting dental crowns.

The Porcelain Crown Will Be Custom Made For Your Mouth

In order to be effective, the porcelain crown will have to be properly sized so that it will perfectly fit your teeth. As a result, a patient can expect to need to have their porcelain crown custom-made for their teeth. This may take some additional time as most dental clinics will have to create a mold of the patient's tooth that can be sent to a specialized service that will be able to create the crown. This may require several days or even a week or longer before the crown will be ready to be applied. For those that are wanting a faster option, there are some providers that can offer same-day crowns to their patients. These services can have your dental crown ready in as little as a few hours, which can help to shorten the amount of time that this process will require.

The Placement Of The Porcelain Crown Will Not Cause Major Discomfort Or Require A Lengthy Procedure

Once the porcelain crown has been prepared, the patient will need to allow the dentist to place it on the damaged tooth. This process can be intimidating to patients, but it is a process that will only cause minimal discomfort to the patient and the placement process may only take a matter of minutes once the work begins. The tooth will need to be shaped to properly fit the crown, but the area will be fully numbed before this is started. As a result, the patient will not experience significant discomfort as a result of going through this procedure.

For more information on porcelain dental crowns, contact a dental office.