Pediatric Health Conditions That Can Cause Gingivitis

The most common cause of gingivitis is children is poor oral hygiene. While improper or infrequent brushing and flossing can cause gum disease, there are other, less common causes. Here are some pediatric health conditions that may raise your child's risk for developing gingivitis, and what you can do about them: Juvenile Diabetes If your child has juvenile diabetes, he or she may experience a number of disturbing symptoms. These include weight loss, urinary frequency, vision loss, and lethargy.

4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dental Bridge

If you're missing a single tooth, you have a few options to fix the gap in your mouth. One option is getting a dental implant which will be attached via a metal rod implanted into your jaw bone. Many people choose not to get dental implants due to the pain and extended recovery time involved, since dental implants require a somewhat invasive procedure. Another option is getting a dental bridge installed.